Why I Started Your Security Space

Why I Started Your Security Space

Why Your Security Space? Why now? Both are great questions and the very questions I asked myself two years ago. As a security professional, my career has taken me on a journey that started as a security officer, led to executive-level service provider positions, higher education public safety, security integration services, and founding several companies.

I was an early adopter of social media and social networking to find, share, and crowdsource information relevant to the security industry. There have always been good and bad sides of social networking platforms, but its gotten worse in recent years. Political rhetoric and unsolicited ads fill my daily activity feed to the point that I spend as much time searching for what matters most to me as a security professional as I do reading it.

So, I launched Your Security Space. Finally, a social media platform built by security professionals for security professionals. A place to communicate, collaborate, educate, share information, and come up with solutions that’s free of the distractions found on other social media. So, please no vacation pictures (they make me jealous,) no images of what you ate last night (they make me hungry,) no random news bytes (everyone needs a break.)

In these unprecedented times, I thought security professionals needed this space now more than ever. And, that it should be free – so it is. For years I relied on organizations for information they were only willing to share it if you were a paid member. Not any more. Your Security Space is FREE to join and use as much as you need.

This is a community where security professionals can be real and get moving on making the world a safer place in the new normal. Join for FREE, and let’s get the conversation started.

Bernard Gollotti, Founder


Your Security Space. Free access to the subject matter experts that matter most to you  – your peers. Join Now at https://yoursecurityspace.com/


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