About Us

Bernard Gollotti, CPP created Your Security Space after realizing that political rhetoric and unsolicited ads were filling his daily activity feeds to the point where he had to spend more time searching for relevant security information than he did reading it.

Bernard was an early adopter of social media and social networking. He finds, shares, and crowdsources information relevant to the security industry. Moreover, He has over 35 years in the industry across multiple market verticals and possesses a remarkable 360-degree perspective based on his experiences as a guard force provider, security integrator, emergency preparedness specialist, business development manager, end-user, and client.

The goal was simple – build a networking platform for security professionals who want to maximize their ability to make the world a safer place. Where security professionals can have access to colleagues and the ability to exchange information – anytime and from anywhere. So In 2020,  Your Security Space desktop version launched, and in 2021, the YSS app for iOS and Android devices.

Your Security Space is different from other networking platforms. It’s free for members, the content you create remains your content. We don’t apply algorithms that clutter your activity feed with a bunch of unwanted noise. Additionally, Members follow who they want, join their favorite groups, and have real conversations related to the security industry.

To the early adopters, thanks for being a part of this journey, and to new members, welcome. We look forward to everyone’s participation as Your Security Space continues to evolve.

Let’s make the world a safer place.